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Firearm Storage

We offer long term storage for rifles and handguns in our secure facility for only $1 per firearm per day. There is a minimum charge of 30 days storage per firearm, irrespective of how long the firearm is actually in storage for. This is to cover the basic administration involved with receiving and storing a firearm. As our storage is intended for long term use, we will no longer be offering personal warehousing in cases where you are unable to install a firearm safe in your residence. Every time a firearm is handed in for storage it will incur the minimum 30 day storage fee.


For example: you bring in a firearm for 10 days, you are charged the $30 minimum. You take the firearm home on day 10 and bring it back on day 11. You have now incurred another $30, one month minimum charge. However, if you store your firearms for more than 30 days then you will be only charged the $1 per firearm per day.


You must bring your original paper license when storing firearms for us to copy. You are required to make regular payments for your firearm storage, as well as keep your firearm license valid. If you fail to make payment on your owed storage amount for more than six months or let your firearms license lapse, Freerange Supplies maintains the right to acquire the firearms and sell them to recover costs.


Please bring firearms inside a soft case when possible. While our secure area is dry and ventilated, we always recommending oiling your firearms before bringing them into storage.