Companion AeroHeat Tent Heater Lithium

Manufacturer: Companion
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SKU: 10000053
Manufacturer part number: 10000053
GTIN: 9320531079841
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The AeroHeat tent heater is a portable outdoor appliance that provides warm air for heating tents, caravans and camper trailers.


  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Instant warm air
  • Multi-speed fan
  • Extensive safety features
  • Auto-ignition
  • Built-in gas regulator with BOM connection
  • Can run directly off cartridge or gas cylinder via hose (sold separately)
  • Digital display control panel
  • Bluetooth control via app
  • This product will not operate in temperatures above 15 Degrees ambient temperature.


  • Includes 12V DC charge lead, 800mm air outlet hose, quick release air outlet hose fitting
  • Dimensions 442L x 164W x 360H
  • Weight 7kg
  • Propane/ULPG
  • Battery run time up to 240 mins


Why is my AeroHeat showing an E3 error the first time I’ve switched it on?
The E3 error indicates an issue with your AeroHeat’s gas supply. It means there is no gas left in the canister, or that there is a blockage somewhere along the gas line. 
When your AeroHeat is stored like it is brand new in its box, air enters the unit and fills the gas line. The first time you hook up your AeroHeat to a gas supply, the air inside the unit blocks the gas until it is flushed out by the incoming gas supply.
To rectify this error, check that your canister or hose and cylinder are full and refit the cartridge or hose. Then turn on your AreoHeat and use as as per normal. If the E3 error returns, this means there is still air in the gas line and you will need to repeat the previous steps. This should only take a couple of attempts until all of the air is purged from the gas line.